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Willow cake tin, c.1915

Label inside tin reads 'Used in WW1, possibly more useful then.These tins were made specifically so that a fruit cake could be bakedin the bottom section in the usual way; then, when cold, the lid wasput on, and the whole tin wrapped in calic...

Parking Meter, City of Geelong, c.1960

Venner Park-O-MeterInstalled in Geelong city streets in 1961, the first 224 ‘POM’ units adorned Moorabool, Malop, Lt Malop and Ryrie Streets. Motorists appeared to readily accept the meters which provided a maximum of one hour parking for a shill...

MCGARRY, J H - Album portraits presented by Samuel Ingram

  • GRS0431
  • Serie

This unusual assortment of carte-de-visite and cabinet portraits appears to have been compiled by someone with an interest in portrait photography in general. The people in the photographs are unknown but the photographers include the following n...


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